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    Welcome to Erics Disability Support

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    Our passion is to care for and support people on their journey in a way that will enrich their lives each and every day.

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    Dependable & Compassionate Support Services

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Confidence, Smiles + Laughter!

They are the results of a good day. Let our support professionals open the doors to Community access. Individualised Services, Personal Care, Domestic Assistance will give peace of mind and a lot of smiles.


This is ERICS Disability Support Service!

Your support service should be committed Enthusiastic and Passionate about you!

Be able to observe and understand your needs and aspirations while building a supportive empathetic relationship with you. Erics Disability Support service will bring a professional solution to complex situations.

24/7 Dedicated Support


Our support professionals are compassionate and experienced to match your unique needs. Their dedication to the craft is what sets them apart.

What Our Patients Say

Patient trusted. And family approved. Here are some sentiments and positive experiences that family members of clients took the time to share about Ericscare and our caregivers.