Our Inspiration

We are named after Eric, a wonderful man who helped the founder and many other migrants to settle in Australia. An open-minded, tolerant, peace-loving, gentle, generous-hearted man, who was kind, courteous, reliable, and always friendly. He was modest about his achievements, remembered for his kindness and his willingness to always help others, he has made a difference to our founder and other migrants to settle in this beautiful country.

Your support service should be committed Enthusiastic and Passionate about you!. Be able to observe and understand your needs and aspirations while building a supportive empathetic relationship with you. Erics Disability Support service will bring a professional solution to complex situations.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to enhance the lives of people with a disability with excellent care by seeing them first as a person. The person first, which means our work will be aimed at the individual’s needs and goals.

Our passion is to care for and support people on their journey in a way that will enrich their lives each and every day. This organisation’s vision will be driven by a heart that is passionate about holistic, person-centred care and support. That constant growth in knowledge, openness, and flexibility will meet future challenges and thus celebrate the achievements of our clients.


About Director

Roopesh Ravindradas is an experienced professional with a positive attitude who renders services in a compassionate, committed, and cheerful manner. Academically, he holds a Diploma in Community Welfare, Graduate Diploma in Commerce, and an MBA. He has extensive personal experience in the disability service industry for around a decade within Australia. His passion for disability services stems from his in-depth support service experience which he gained during his college days when he was instrumental in successfully executing varied community welfare programs organized by various organizations, clubs, and social forums.

His vision is to ensure that Erics embeds disability-related matters into the core of all thinking and delivery to ensure that the Erics environment is as accessible to people with disabilities as possible.

Roopesh mentors the Disability Service team to innovate, collaborate, and empower clients to engage with supports that are transformative and contribute to their success both during their time in Erics and in their future lives and careers. He collaborates with colleagues across communities to create opportunities for the sustainable development of the Disability Service.

His aim is to meet and lead on the ever-changing needs of clients and to ensure consistent, high quality, leading disability supports in accordance with the best practices, the vision of the service, and the stakeholders’ strategic plan. He is committed to providing inclusive, modern, integrated, safety & quality compliant, and cost-effective front-line services that make a real difference to the community.

Roopesh is passionate to lead the team and foster a sense of belonging and disability pride for Erics clients and the wider community.

Our story

The ERICS Disability Support service is determined to enhance the lives of people living with a disability within the Bendigo area. We believe in person-centered care, which means we put you first. We are all about supporting you to live your highest quality life.

ERICS takes the lessons Eric bestowed on us and puts them into practice with each of our clients. We provide genuine, quality care that allows you to reconnect with the community, fight isolation, and access new hobbies. We offer affordable services that cater that will assist with your hygiene, continence, nutrition, and social needs in order to allow you to actively participate in our community.

Do you want to learn a new hobby? Have a support worker spend time with you in your home? No matter what it is you want to achieve, ERICS is here to support you. Get in contact with us today to see how our services can assist you.